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P2 Power Solutions was founded in 2006 with a vision to develop and provide avant-garde technical solutions to the Indian Industry. The core vision is to develop advanced power solutions indigenously to optimally solve typical industrial challenges and deliver maximum value to the end customer. With our focus on on problem solving, we intend to become solution partners to our valued patrons and not just product suppliers.

P2 Power wishes to develop an ecosystem of innovations in India so that we can reduce our reliance on imported technologies and make India a hub of innovation for the world.

P2 Power Solutions is the exclusive complete Power Quality solutions provider in the country with a specific focus and an entire basket of Power Quality solutions and offerings. We offer everything from advanced Active Power Filters, Active VAr Generators, Hybrid PFC systems, Dynamic Voltage Regulators systems to regular solutions like detuned APFC, Thyristor based RTPFC, Passive Harmonic Filters, Sine wave filters, and dv/dt filters for variable frequency drives and many more.

In order to ensure that we offer the best solutions and components to the industry we also offer the most rugged and advanced components like smart Thyristor modules, detuning reactors, Smart Hybrid controllers, Power factor controller etc. We are also continuously working to add the most relevant products and solutions to our basket of offerings based on our continuous engagements with the industry.

Power Quality Solutions

If you are looking for a partner you can trust in quality, reliability, and product performance, look no further!…

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eMobility Solutions

The process to design energy efficient solutions usually involves collecting accurate, real-time energy usage…

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Engineering Services

P2 Power provides a host of services for electrical energy management in industrial and commercial facilities along…

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Our Solutions


Harmonic distortion exceeding limits set as per CEA regulations Significantly high neutral current..

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Auto Welding

Extremely fast fluctuating load profile iTDD exceeding limits set as per IEEE standard Low PF..

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Textiles Spinning

iTDD exceeding limits set as per CEA regulations. Low-grade quality of yarn thread and fiber..

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Textiles Weaving

iTDD exceeding limits set as per IEEE standard. Low power factor (~0.88)..

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Recurrent failure of sensitive electronic cards and equipment (s) resulting in unplanned..

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Presence of AC/DC drives at city line printing machines which are major sources of high harmonic distortion..

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Hunting of Diesel Generator even at partial loading condition Heating of DG alternator..

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Flickering and failure of lighting fixtures Interrupted operation of lifts/elevators..

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Pharma / Chemical

Failure of sophisticated testing machinery and micro-processor controlled sensitive..

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