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Multi-Level Active Harmonic Filters

P2 Power Solutions is the only manufacturer to offer Multi-Level Active Harmonic Filter for 575V and 690V loads. P2 Power Solutions has used its relentless focus on R&D to come up with the most innovative solution for 575V and 690V loads like furnaces and drives. Multi-Level Architecture allows us connect directly to the voltage bus without the need for any coupling power transformer. Multi-Level architecture allows us to deliver the most efficient Active Harmonic Filtering solution available in the country and realize further improvements in performance.

The product is developed to withstand the tough environmental conditions in India and unlike imported alternatives, P2 Power Solutions clients can enjoy the lowest ownership cost and by far the best service support in the industry.

Technical Specifications
Models p2p-575-apf3M p2p-690-apf3M
Network Voltage 575Urms +10%/-15% 690Urms +10%/-15%
Connection 3P/3W
Grid Frequency 50Hz +/-5% (60Hz available on request)
Modularity Upto 32 units
Harmonic Filtering 2nd to 51st order
Individual Harmonic Selection Yes
Harmonic Attenuation >98%
Reactive Compensation Yes
Negative Sequence Compensation NA Yes
Compensation Open/Closed Loop
Reaction Time <50 micro seconds
Filter Consumption <2.0% of rated capacity (typical)
CT Specifications ratio based on peak load 0.5 class or better 15VA or more
Standards IEEE 519-1992 harmonic standards
User Interface
Interface 7" touch screen
Remote Interface Ethernet, MODBUS RTU
Configuration Settings Through User Interface and USB key
Protection Class IP41 (Higher on request)
Operating Temperature upto 45 degrees with adequate ventilation (upto 55 degrees with derating)
Operating Environment Indoor, Dust Free
Relative Humidity Maximum 95% (non condensing)
Altitude Upto 1000m