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Energy Efficient Solutions

P2 Power combines hardware, software and services along with our energy expertise to design efficient solutions that reduces operating cost for the clients.

There are 4 main ingredients that need to be in place before energy savings will be achieved. P2 Power's wireless monitoring systems provide – accurate, granular, real-time data that tells you where and when energy is being used. This data is collected by installing meters, and sub-meters on the main incoming supplies and large energy consumers. This could be electricity monitors installed on HVAC distribution boards, gas meters installed on boilers, or a water meter installed on a production line. The objective is to get as close to full ‘coverage’ as possible, where energy usage can be allocated to an area or function, such as ‘Electricity – Data Centre – Air Conditioning’ and ‘Gas – Kitchen – Boiler 4’.

When the monitoring system is in place, the next task is to analyse and interpret the data, and transform it into useful information. This is typically done using a software tool, which imports the raw data and provides it to a user in a friendly format. An energy management software application can be specialised or general purpose, basic or feature rich – P2 Power’s energy monitoring software helps to customise report and analyse data using various inbuilt data anlytics tools.

Turning information into meaningful reports requires
(a) some knowledge of the facility and
(b) some expertise in energy management.
P2 Power has over 15 years of experience in power quality and energy efficiency

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