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Dynamic Voltage Regulator

P2 Power Dynamic Voltage Regulators for stepless, instantaneous and accurate voltage regulation using revolutionary converter technology. Dual voltage tracking and current tracking with robust algorithm to ensure that sensitive loads are effectively isolated from grid side sag/swell events.

Technical Specifications
Models p2p-240-dvr3-25P p2p-240-dvr3-20P p2p-240-dvr3-12.5P
Input Voltage Range (Ph-N) 180~300Vrms 190~285Vrms 210~270Vrms
Nominal Output (Ph-N) 240Vrms +/-0.5% (typical) +/-1% (max.)
Frequency (Hz) 50Hz +/-5%
Connection 3P + N
Technology IGBT based converter technology
Closed loop control
Dual voltage (ip/op) and converter current tracking
Independent voltage regulation for each phase
Reaction Time < 100 us
Protections Output disconnector switch
Internal Bypass mode
Output under/over voltage protection
Semiconductor fuses
Over current
Soft Start
Input MCB/MCCB (optional)
Type 2 surge suppression
Efficiency > 98.5% (typical)
Environment Upto 45 degrees (with adequate air circulation)
Indoor Installation (IP42)
Upto 95% relative humidity (non-condensing)
Altitude upto 1000m