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Detuned Reactors

Detuned reactors are specific three phase inductors dedicated to attenuating the amplification of harmonics on highly polluted networks and to protecting the different components of the installation. They form a complete product range from 6 to 100 kvar and are available in the most common tunings like 135, 190 and 215 Hz for network voltage of 400/415V 50Hz. They must be chosen according to the capacitors they are associated with.

Technical Specifications
Description Three phase, dry, impregnated, magnetic circuit
Type Iron core
Material Type Aluminium Copper
Relative Impedance 5.67% 7% 14%
Ratings (in kVAR) 10, 12.5, 15, 20, 25, 50, 75, 100, higher on request
Degree of Protection IP00
Insulation class Class H
Linearity 175% (standard) and 200% on request
Rated voltage 400 to 690V - 50Hz
Inductance tolerance per phase (+/-) 2.5%
Insulation level upto 1.1kV
Thermal Protection Dry contact normally closed, 250VAC 2A
Cooling requirement Forced Air
Standards IS 5553 - 1990
Operating Conditions
Use Indoor
Storage Temp (-)40 degC to 60 degC
Relative Humidityt upto 80%
Operating Temperature upto 55 degC ambient
Altitude upto 1000m