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Hybrid Power Factor Correction Panel

IGBT based intelligent P2P Hybrid PFC (HPFC) is a direct replacement of the traditional APFC with the advantages of active technology. Like an APFC , the primary function of the P2P Hybrid PFC is reactive compensation.

However,thecorrectioniscompletelystep-lessandinstantaneous. More- over, it can help clients realize significant fuel savings on DG operation. Furthermore, P2 Power's unique priority setting feature allows you to get the maximum out of the installed filter capacity by using any spare capacity for harmonic compensation, load balancing and neutral compe

Technical Specifications
Model p2p-415-af3 p2p-415-af4
Network Voltage 415+/-10% 415+/-10%
Connection 3P/4W 4P/4W
Grid Frequency 50/60Hz, +/-5%
Ratings (Norminal Arms) 250, 350, 400, 500, 600 250, 350, 400, 500
Current Output Peak output restricted to 1.4xFilter Nominal Rating
Reactive Lag Compensation Full
Reactive Lead Compensation Limited
Harmonic Compensation Limited
Harmonic Filtering 2nd - 51st order
Individual Harmonic Selection Yes
Negative Sequence Compensation Limited
Zero Sequence Compensation NA Yes (Limited)
Compensation Closed Loop
Reaction Time < 200 micro seconds
Filter Consumption < 2% of rated capacity (typical)
CT Specifications ratio based on peak load | 0.5 class or better | 15VA or more
Standards IEEE 519-1992 harmonic standards
User Interface
Interface 7" touch screen
Remote Interface Ethernet, MODBUS RTU
Configuration Settings Through user interface & USB key
Protection Class IP41
Operating Temperature 5-45 degrees (continuous)
Operating Environment Covered, Dust Free
Relative Humidity Maximum 95% (non condensing)
Altitude Upto 1000m