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Active Harmonic Filters

P2 Power Active Harmonic Filter/Active current conditioners are based on Static Compen- sator (StatCom) philosophy which uses an IGBT based inverter to generate compensating current of any shape or size. Active Current Conditioners are used for reactive power compensation, harmonic mitigation, load balancing and neutral correction. They can provide compensation on grid supply and are also fully compatible with DG operation.

The versatility of the technology makes this the only solution which can simultaneously correct all current related issues like reactive demand, harmonic distortions, high unbalance, and high neutral. P2 Power Active Harmonic Filters are installed across India and have proven their performance on the toughest of loads in the industry.

Technical Specifications
Model p2p-440-af1 p2p-415-af3 p2p-415-af4 p2p-575-af3
Network Voltage 440+/-10% 415+/-10% 415+/-10% 575+/-5%
Connection 1P/2W 3P/4W 4P/4W 3P/4W
Grid Frequency 50/60Hz, +/-5%
Ratings (Norminal Arms) 300 30, 60, 75, 100, 120, 150, 200, 250, 300, 350 30, 75, 100, 150, 200, 250, 300 100, 200, 300
Current Output Peak output restricted to 1.4xFilter Rating
Modularity Upto 32 units
Harmonic Filtering 2nd to 51st order
Individual Harmonic Selection Yes
Harmonic Attenuation > 96%
Reactive Compensation Yes
Negative Sequence Compensation NA Yes
Zero Sequence Compensation NA NA Yes NA
Compensation Open/Closed Loop
Reaction Time < 200 micro seconds
Filter Consumption < 2.5% of rated capacity (typical)
CT Specifications ratio based on peak load 0.5 class or better 15VA or more
Standards IEEE 519-1992 harmonic standards
User Interface
Interface 7" touch screen
Remote Interface Ethernet, MODBUS RTU
Configuration Settings Through User Interface and USB key
Protection Class IP41
Operating Temperature 5-45 degrees (continuous)
Operating Environment Covered, Dust Free
Relative Humidity Maximum 95% (non condensing)
Altitude Upto 1000m